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Yes, with Moneeys you can get your free bank account in just 5 minutes and manage your money right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Discover smart features that give you more control over your finances. Get a virtual Moneeys Mastercard right after opening your account—and connect it with Apple Pay or Google Pay to start spending right away.

Yes, Moneeys is bank for champions and our platform is designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses giving you access to Intuitive invoice software built in to create your first invoice in less than 1 minute with easy-to-use invoice templates, send it to your customer, and get paid fast with our invoicing software.

Virtual prepaid cards have all the same benefits as physical cards, just in a digital format. Like physical prepaid cards, virtual versions have a 16-digit number with a CVV number attached. They’re also valid to use at any online merchant where MasterCard® is accepted, providing customers with spending freedom. Ultimately, virtual cards improve the e-commerce shopping experience with safety and convenience. You can use your Moneeys virtual card in over 56 countries. Instead of being sent a physical card in the maill, our Moneeys virtual card is available to apply and activate through our platform. Once activated, the card can be added to a phone's digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) and used anywhere that accepts contactless payment or you can pay using the card details on the phone or any shop as long as you have uploaded funds into your card.

When you log on to Moneeys, you can invite friends , family or colleagues via the dashboard and earn points the more friends you invite to Moneeys.

Your account number will be with one of our partner banks. When you want to receive transfers, you give your customers your account number and the bank name. You receive all credits directly in Moneeys. You can also be paid by any Moneeys account holder directly to bank account. Moneeys also provides additional facilities to get paid via QR Codes or sending a payment link for your clients to pay you directly.

At Moneeys, we take security seriously, so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure, even exceeding industry standard. ISO 27001 & 22301 Certification from Flutterwave The ISO 27001 & 22301 certification means that we have acceptable business practices and processes, including a robust business continuity plan. PA DSS & PCI DSS Compliant This certification is proof that Moneeys.com as a payment gateway processor has satisfied highest level of Security Audit.

PWAs are web apps developed using a number of specific technologies and standard patterns to allow them to take advantage of both web and native app features. For example, web apps are more discoverable — it's a lot easier and faster to visit a website than install an application, and you can also share web apps via a link. On the other hand, native apps are better integrated with the operating system and therefore offer a more seamless experience for the users. You can install a native app so that it works offline, and users love tapping their homescreen icons to easily access their favourite apps, rather than navigating to it using a browser. PWAs give us the ability to create web apps that can enjoy these same advantages. Why PWA ? PWAs are discoverable, installable, linkable, network independent, progressive, re-engageable, responsive, and safe. To find out more about what these mean, read Progressive web app advantages. Google uses a helpful acronym for us to understand why PWAs are so effective: FIRE – Fast, Integrated, Reliable, and Engaging. This acronym is itself a perfect explanation of why PWA is in trend amongst developers. Discoverable : the contents can be found through search engines. Installable : it's available on the device's home screen. Linkable : you can share it by simply sending a URL. Network independent : it works offline or with a poor network connection. Progressive : it's still usable on a basic level on older browsers, but fully-functional on the latest ones. Re-engageable : it's able to send notifications whenever there's new content available. Responsive : it's usable on any device with a screen and a browser — mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Safe : the connection between you and the app is secured against any third parties trying to get access to your sensitive data.

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